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Nina Dilger

Nina Dilger is a self taught artist who currently lives in the mountains of New Ipswich on a hobby farm with her husband George, two daughters and her studio assistant Yukon, a yellow Labrador.

Inspired by nature and following her love of artistic expression from a young age Nina has over time experimented with different mediums. Acrylic paint being her favorite for its ability to be versatile in its application.

Additional and past artistic endeavors include photography, quilt making and organic gardening. Each endeavor has provided Nina the freedom and liberty to find who she is as an artist.

Architecture, organic design in nature and her love of blending colors have lead her to create one of a kind Mandala inspired designs; an art form that reflects her belief that art is a meditation - often providing relaxation for the deepest part of self.

Nina is excited to share her passion for painting Mandala designs with you.

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