Thank You!

In 2011 we had a conversation at our dinner table about the need for a place for artists & community members to find creative experiences. A place where everyone could find their own creative spirit and discover the importance of feeding it. Little did we know how that simple idea would lead to what Wild Salamander is today. We are proud of this community and those who came together to create it... students, teachers and those who love the arts.

The past 10 years have been filled with many adventures, successes, challenges and of course a few messes. We have, enjoyed laughter with families and beheld beauty at the hands of many. We have made friends who will forever be a part of our lives and shed tears for those who left us.

We want to thank YOU for being a part of Wild Salamander,

Until we meet again may each day bring you something beautiful to make you smile. đź’–

KC and Charlie Morgan

What's next at 30 Ash Street?

Many have asked what will happen to the space and the availability of the arts in Hollis. We have some exciting news to share in regard to what will happen next at 30 Ash Street. We have reached an agreement with local artists Anna Birch and Chris Volpe and they will be taking over 30 Ash Street and opening a new business: Hollis ArtSpace in fall 2022

Anna and Chris have taught at Wild Salamander since we first opened in 2012 and their work has been featured in the Whitty Gallery and The Wild Little ArtShop. Anna has taught year round classes in a variety of mediums at W.S. since 2012. Her students range in age from preschool to adults. Chris has taught oil painting classes and workshops for adults and will be moving his Lowell studio into the Hollis ArtSpace. Anna and Chris will continue to offer workshops and classes to the public.

Visit Hollis Artspace to sign up for their newsletter and to watch as their vision comes to life. You can follow Anna’s and Chris’ great adventure on social media and find out how you can join a class or a workshop.

For more information go to